EZ Photo Pricing

The GBC Photo Contest is a convenient and affordable way for your shelter to host a photo fundraiser.  Upon your approval, GBC will initiate your contest website with all of the tools necessary for you to post details about the contest, rules, and donation parameters.  As administrator, you will have various information available from each contestant: participant's name, address, email, and opt in authorization regarding future communication to them.

The contest pricing options are listed below, at which time you provide GBC with all the contact information, shelter logo, company information, and some introductory information that is necessary to populate your site with custom content.

You have two pricing options when initiating your contest.

  • A flat $995.00 up-front charge when the site is created
  • A $150.00 deposit that is credited against 12% of the total collected revenue of the contest
(please contact your GBC sales representative with additional questions)