September 5, 2015

Welcome to the Great Falls Animal Shelter Photo Fundraiser Contest

2016 Facebook Banner FlyerThis campaign is a great way to support the work of your local shelter, as well as show your care as a pet owner. This contest is a fun, interactive way for you to participate in the continued services of  the Great Falls Animal Shelter by being part of our annual photo contest.  There are two great ways that you can participate...#1 You can make a donation to the shelter by uploading photos of your favorite family pet for a donation of $10.00 for 1st upload which includes a calendar after production/ $5.00 for each additional upload and/or #2, vote for your favorite pet for a donation of just $1.00.


Winning Photos...What Happens?

Calendar SampleWinning Photo Entries can become part of a colorful, full-sized calendar in honor and celebration of your pet. This will allow you the opportunity to enjoy contest results throughout the year, and provide a further way to help the shelter.